Working with environmental water


Interacting with Us

Because we know each facility is unique, we are flexible with how we can interact with our clients. We are able to assist facilities that range from needing extensive help in creating and managing their water management plan to just needing testing completed. Our client interactions vary between every facility since it is essential that a Legionella water management plan fits its facility’s needs. We provide guidance specific to the facility’s situation and with our experience in these plans, can help provide tips on best practices we have seen implemented. We work majorly in our main office region in the Northwest Ohio region, and have expanded to assisting facilities along the East Coast.


Legionella-Related Services

  • Legionella Water Management Plan Creation and Plan Management
  • Legionella Consultation
  • Legionella Testing
  • Disinfections of New Plumbing  Systems

Other Services

  • Cooling Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Pre-Treatment (Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, etc.)
  • Green Chemistry

Our Proven Process

  • Survey of Facility- Creation of Your Plan using LAMPS
  • Team Leader Meeting- Initial Introduction of Your Plan 
  • Team Meeting- Introduction of Your Plan to Your Team and Training Session
  • Baseline Testing- First Round of Legionella Tests
  • Implementation of Control Measures- Actions Taken by Your Team to Reduce Risk
  • Quarterly Testing and Quarterly Meetings- Helpful Way to Stay In Communication with Your Team
  • Continued Implementation and Revision of Plan

Continued guidance by our Legionella specialist throughout this entire process is provided.


 “We are very happy with our water management program. It has been made very easy and simple to follow.”

“Excellent system.”

“Environmental Water has been extremely easy to work with.”

“Service has always been excellent. Compliance and safety standards supersede requirements.”

“Until we started this program, I had not truly given much thought to all the critical locations that Legionella could grow.”

“We are very satisfied with our water management plan and we were told by our ODH surveyor that our plan was the best they had ever seen.”

“Use of the online system has been good for tracking.”

“Environmental Water has taken our building and applied the requirements and given us a wonderful tool to follow.”

“Very satisfied with the implementation and help regarding our service and plan.”

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