Legionella Water management PLans


Legionella Water Management Plans


Legionella water management plans help facilities control Legionella in their water systems. Depending on geographic area and building type, Legionella water management plans are required for compliance. Others choose to implement a Legionella water management plan to protect the users of their facilities. A plan created and implemented properly can significantly reduce the chances of a facility being associated with a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. 

Key Objectives to Meet

  • Team Development and Communication Strategy
  • Flow Diagrams of Facility's Water Systems
  • Risk Assessment of Water Systems
  • Creation of Control Measures, Control Limits, and Corrective Actions
  • Verification and Validation of the Plan
  • Method of Documentation


How to Create and Implement a Plan

Facilities can choose to create their Legionella water management plan in-house. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides a toolkit to guide facilities in creating their own plan. 

For facilities that do not have the time nor background to create the plan in-house hire an outside consultant to assist the facility in getting started with process. 

Once a plan has been created for a facility, a facility either goes on their own to implement it or have their outside consultant stay on board for guidance in implementation. 

All facilities can then decide if they will use the gold standard of environmental testing to validate their plan; again, facilities choose to either test themselves or rely on an outside consultant to help in sampling and interpreting results.  

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