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Legionella Water Management Plans

Legionella Testing



Testing for Legionella is the most definitive way of determining if Legionella is present in water systems. Although correct interpretation of test results is necessary to properly address positive test results, we are able to help in this interpretation. A fear in testing is how to respond appropriately if there were to be positive test results; from our experience in working with facilities for Legionella water management plans, we are able to provide guidance on how to address positive samples. Clients who have a plan created through us will also have the advantage of being able to readjust certain control measures of their plan to better the effectiveness of the plan in response to any positive results. 

Key Points

· We use a CDC ELITE lab: Special Pathogens Laboratory, The Legionella Experts®

· No Need to Worry About Whether You're Collecting and Shipping the Samples Correctly- we handle all collection, chain of custody, and shipping requirements

· Test Results Will Tell You if a Sample was Positive or Not Detected- if positive, the type and amount of Legionella will be reported

· Guidance for Remediation Is Provided

Our Legionella Specialist manages this entire process.

Testing to Validate a Water Management Plan

Facilities with a Legionella water management choose to validate whether their plan is working by testing. This is beneficial for teams to determine where they need to improve their control measure implementation. Guidance can be provided on how many samples to collect each round as well as location and how to adjust facilities’ water management plans after a positive test result. Water Management Advisors can provide more specific feedback on when the facility has a plan created through us. 

Testing to Validate a Cooling Tower Water Treatment Program

Facilities not required to have a water management plan but have aerosolizing devices like cooling towers, decorative fountains, and/or hot tubs can have Water Management Advisors collect a sample from these devices to validate that these devices are being properly maintained. Cooling towers, if on an adequate water treatment program, can be found to be at not detected levels. More often than not, however, water treatment vendors do not test for it as a regular part of a system’s water treatment program and therefore do not know if the current water treatment is suitable for eliminating Legionella. Water treatment vendors cannot to be certain if they are reducing risk of Legionella unless they specifically test for it.