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Who We Are

 We are a water treatment company in Bowling Green, Ohio, who specializes in consulting on Legionella Water Management Plans (WMPs) to hospitals, intermediate and long -term care facilities, commercial facilities, and industrial facilities in Ohio and expanding out along the East Coast. 


What We Do

Our job is to make others' jobs easy when it comes to Legionella water management plans. Our goal is to provide facilities with plans that are manageable, realistic, and ready for survey. Since we know the value of training and education as part of any new task, we also provide a unique service of complimentary 24/7 Legionella consulting for our clients. We don't expect facilities to become experts over night, so we are there with them through the entire process.

We are a preferred partner with HC Info to provide WMPs. These plans are of the highest quality and credibility. You will get a WMP from a third-party expert that sells no chemicals, equipment, or laboratory services. LAMPS web-based application for WMPs is used by several companies and some of the top water experts in the world, which will add credibility and defensibility to your WMP.


Our Typical Client

1. Healthcare Facility Directors, frustrated with the task of creating a Legionella water management plan due to:

  • lack of proper knowledge on what to do
  • constantly doing more with less
  • overworked staff

2. Infection Preventionists/DONs, who want to know if their facility is doing what is required.

3. Hospital  and Long-Term Care Administrators, worried about loss of Medicare/Medicaid funding. 

We resolve those issues and the stress so a time-consuming, overwhelming task becomes a manageable, realistic plan, that gets your facility in compliance.